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Consolata Youth Group

About Us
The youth group from the Consolata Shrine, Westlands is composed of youth from various diverse backgrounds and different age groups. The parish has categories for junior youth from 12-17 years and the senior youth, ranging from 18 years and above. The key objective of the youth group is to live in love of God and each other and to practice togetherness.
The youth group has been inception since the foundation years of the parish. Most members are parishioners and reside in the neighbouring areas of the parish. The Parish youth are also part of the Central Deanery which is made up of 12 parishes within the Archdiocese of Nairobi.
The main focus of the group is to integrate with one another to become positive influencers of the Kenyan society at large. We are bound by a common factor which is Jesus Christ and we strive to make positive changes among our members, parishioners and our communities through the spirit of missionary work.

Our Activities
Consolata Youth Group (Popularly known as ‘CYG’) strives in engaging the youth in various activities that help the youth grow spiritually, mentally emotionally as well as physically. These activities include:

•Spiritual Retreats
•Sports Activities
•Social Activities – Hikes, Camps, Music concerts
•Charity Activities

Every year we have a calendar of activities that is normally planned at the beginning of the year. This calendar is integrated with the Central deanery’s, Zone’s and Archdiocese of Nairobi’s youth calendars of activities thus making sure the youth are engaged throughout the whole year.

We have our homegrown annual concert dubbed Consofeste whose inception was 1997 and has seen many young people get to showcase and grow their talents while evangelizing and spreading a positive influence to other young people. . Consofeste has seen the birth of exciting young musical groups and bands such as Black and I, Uzwazo, as well as actors in Spellcast Media. Various acts have graced the Consofeste stage and are big brands in Kenya today such as Juliani and Eko Dydda

We also pride ourselves in serving Consolata Parish through animating the 9.00am mass every Sunday, singing during Easter and Christmas concerts, animating the Way of the Cross during Lent, staging Christmas plays, collaborating with other church committees such as Charities for their annual ‘Upendo Day’, participation in the annual ‘Consolata Family Day’.

The best way to experience CYG is to be a part of it, it is a life changing experience full of fun and growth!