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Announcements - 10 - 16 October 2021

1. Tomorrow is a public holiday, Masses will be as follows: 7am & 5.30pm.
2. Christian Education committee invites you for “Reflection on St. Joseph” by Sr. Stella Mares on Sunday 17th October at 10.45am in the Allamano Centre. All are welcome.
3. The Legion of Mary is grateful for celebrating 100 Years of her existence. For that reason, we are going to recruit new members next Sunday 17th October, at the Gazebo. More information will be provided at the registration desks. All are welcome.
4. The Adoration Chapel is open from 6am to 8pm daily. The Blessed Sacrament, once exposed, cannot be left alone. Parishioners are encouraged to register for a WEEKLY HOUR OF ADORATION at the Parish Office during the week.
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