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Announcements - 16 - 22 Jan

1. Registration for Catechism classes in preparation for Baptism, First Holy Communion and Confirmation for both children and adults is ongoing. Kindly register at the catechist’s office and for more information.
2. Couples planning to get married are invited to register for marriage preparation sessions. Visit the catechist’s office for
registration and more information.
3. Christian Education Committee invites you for third interactive session on the “THE CREED” today at 10:45am in the Auditorium of the Allamano Centre. All are welcome.
4. January 18th – 25th 2022, is week to pray for Christian Unity. In the Spirit of Synodality Church, we are invited to offer
special prayers for the unity of all who believe in Jesus Christ
– Christ Body. We will be having a short reflection and prayers during all Masses.
5. Life in the Holy Spirit Seminar, organized by the Charismatic group is ongoing in the Parish Hall from 2pm every Sunday until 6th March 2022. All are invited.
6. Bible Diaries for 2022 with daily reflections are available at the Bookshop. Take a copy for yourself or as a gift to your friend.
7. Consolata School Secondary/Primary/Nursery are having the interviews for this year 2022 as follows: Grade 1 on 29th January, Form 1 on 5th February, Baby Care on 11th February at 9am, PP2 on 18th February at 8.30am and PP1 on 21st February at 8.30am. Kindly check the notice board for more information.

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