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Announcements - 03 - 09 July

1. Today, we are having blessing of our Tithe, our Families and our work - Choir lead us with a song.
- Today also, Rosary will be prayed in front of the Blessed Sacrament after the 1pm Mass.
- Today vaccination against COVID-19 is going on within our church compound. Kindly visit their desk after the Mass.
2. On Wednesday 13th, is commemoration of the 3rd Apparition of our Lady of Fatima. We will have Candle lit Rosary after the
evening Mass.
3. Men undergoing formation will have their monthly formation class on 10th July at 9am at the Allamano Centre Auditorium followed by CMA members monthly meeting at 10.30am same place.
4. We kindly request all to put on masks properly as we enter the church and during confessions.
5. From today until the end of elections we shall be praying the Prayer for Peaceful Elections instead of Synod Prayer; the prayer will be projected on church’s screens.
6. The Pastoral Team would like to thank all parishioners for their participation in Consolata/Family Day. Let’s clap for ourselves.
PARISH WEBSITE: www.consolatashrine.org; PARISH E-MAIL: info@consolatashrine.org; communications@consolatashrine.org; PARISH PRIEST’S E-MAIL:parishpriest@consolatashrine.org; Tithe Account No: 002215001004856 – ABC Bank: A/C Name: Consolata Fathers –Shrine; Allamano Project Account No. 002215001004394.: ABC Bank: Consolata Father-Shrine Project; PARISH MPESA NUMBER: 508702, Account Reason for payment; ALLAMANO PROJECT MPESA NUMBER: 804877; P.O. Box 14930 -Nairobi;