Development & Maintanance

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The Pastoral Council was set up after the new Consolata Church was opened in 1971. However, the Development and Maintenance Committee commenced about the time the plots for Holy Trinity Church Kileleshwa, were purchased in 1998. This Church was the largest project ever undertaken by the Maintenance and Development Committee as the Shrine itself was directly planned and implemented by the Consolata Missionaries before the setting up of the Pastoral Council.

The duties of the committee include parish infrastructure maintenance and development projects. It is not the priests’ duty to clamour for funds so that the parish’s ordinary and extraordinary needs may be met. The Development and Maintenance Committee is called to make the whole parish aware of these issues and propose feasible solutions.

Being a Church committee we are very much aware of the fact that without proper maintenance and development the Church’s mission will be hindered. It is our Christian duty to make sure that the liturgical and pastoral activities of the whole parish can be carried out within proper and well-maintained structures.

The Committee is composed of committed professionals who advise and help in matters related to the upkeep and development of our structures. We would, however, need a few more Christian professionals in order to make the committee more representative.

The major projects undertaken by this committee are as follows:

holy_trinity_smallpicThe Holy Trinity Church

This magnificent church occupies two plots purchased in 1997 and 1998. On March 21st 1999 the fund raising effort at Consolata Shrine was launched. It was estimated that the main Church building would be ready for the first Mass on 25/12/1999 to celebrate the Great Jubilee of Redemption of the year 2000 AD. This is a great Church and we are all proud of it and thank God for the help he gave us.

Modernisation and Rehabilitation of the Car Park and Driveway

The total area is 5,322 square meters. The fundraising campaign was launched on 1/6/2003. In three months 50% of the estimated cost had been raised.

On 28/9/2003 the campaign was re-launched. By May 2004 adequate funds had been collected to complete the job. Here again Consolata Shrine and Holy Trinity communities and their friends are to be congratulated. We now have a beautiful and well-marked car park built using long-lasting cabro-works.

Consolata Shrine Prayer Garden
The completion of the prayer garden four years ago was a great accomplishment not only for the congregation but also for the development & maintenance committee. The Prayer Garden goes to the heart of our identity as a church. We know God has called us to be a house of prayer, a people who are experiencing God deeply and personally as we seek His heart, cry out to Him, and see transformation as we unite in fervent. Once we know our identity we must walk in it; the Prayer Garden is one way that we consistently and faithfully walk in the identity God has given us.
Consolata Shrine Prayer Garden & Grotto



Maintenance works on the church roof.
Roofing works on the entire church roofs which have been completed.

Future plans are as follows:

The Shrine
Our Church is practically 40 years old and the office block is over 100 years old. Constant maintenance work is needed. Furthermore the parish activities have greatly increased and the need for building a new and modern pastoral centre cannot be ruled out.

The Committee appreciates that it takes every member of our community to continuously maintain and where necessary develop or upgrade the physical facilities at our two churches. It is gratifying to note how willingly parishioners contributed for the major projects described above. We have no doubt that future projects will also be supported.

May God bless you!
Our Lady Consolata, pray for us.
Blessed Sr. Irene Stefani, pray for us.
Blessed Joseph Allamano, pray for us.