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The principal function of the Communications Committee is to educate the Consolata Shrine Community about issues related to their faith as well as inform them about events in the parish.

consoling eyeThe main communication tool used by the Committee is the “Consoling Eye”, a monthly news-bulletin which has contributions from priests, religious people, parish committees and groups’ members and the laity. Contributions include a letter from the parish priest, reflections on topical issues depending on the Liturgical seasons of the year, main feasts or saints of the month, photo stories of events, sacraments administered in the month, as in baptisms, weddings and confirmations, announcements of wedding banns and of departed souls of the parish, and a Liturgical calendar and events of the parish of the preceding month.

The news-bulletin is printed in full colour on a 20 page run, going to 24 pages as need may arise from time to time. Print colour depends on Liturgical themes of the month. We also manage the weekly bulletin, in close partnership with the Pastoral Team.

The committee also maintains an electronic (photo) album of parish activities and events. We have a dedicated photographer, who is a member of the Communications Committee. The Committee also seeks the services of the church screen controller, an employee of the parish for photos and videos for the gallery, as well as from other well-wishers. The Committee manages a database of all the registered parishioners. Registration is an ongoing exercise since the parish receives new parishioners from time to time. Parishioners are requested to clearly fill in their details as spelt out in the registration forms and return them to the parish office. In the digital era, the same will be filled electronically via our revamped website.

In tandem with modernity, and of which Pope Francis has ascribed to, we are in the social media to reach out and evangelize to as many parishioners as possible. In the committee, we have dedicated personnel behind daily administration of Twitter and Facebook accounts, as well as bulk SMS services to parishioners.

Since acquisition of the projectors and screens by the Committee, we are able to film movies of faith, saints, feasts or general teachings bi-monthly at the parish hall and every last Wednesday of the month after evening mass at St Joseph (Deep Sea), an outreach of the Parish. This has been received so well since inception. Reports of the Committees during the Parish Executive and Parish Pastoral Council (PPC) meetings, or any other gatherings, are projected on power-points, which has greatly reduced meeting times.

With the assistance of the Consolata House, we helped in installation of WIFIwireless internet connectivity for the parish offices, parish boardrooms and halls.

A big thank you to all the communications Committee members, who have professionally carried out their duties as assigned without fail, a team of dedicated professionals from different fields. May God bless them abundantly! Moving forward, we seek to acquire a camcorder for filming of all parish events and activities for the newly revamped website. We will also partner with other Committees for the completion of putting screens in the parish and of developing requisite material for the screens live sessions.

With God’s graces, we are sure we will reach out to His children’s and enhance giving the good news.