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We are missionaries

“Go, therefore, and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy
Spirit...” (Mat 28:19). These are words of Jesus Christ to His disciples in whose mission we also share as the baptized. Pope Francis in his message of Mission Sunday of this year which will be celebrated on the 21st this month; says:
“Together with young people, let us bring the Gospel to all”. For Pope Francis; life of every baptized is a mission. The month of October in a special way brings us to an awareness of our baptismal responsibility for the Church’s mission to evangelize to the ends of the earth.

For centuries men and women, have generously shared their time, talent and treasure in order to assist in bringing the
Good News of Christ to others. As a parish we are not exempt. As the Pastoral Team we would like to thank all those who have, over
the years, and more so in these recent days, assisted us by sharing their time, talents or professions in order to bring the Good News of Christ to others in our parish. Our many successes as a parish are the fruits of your tireless missionary commitment.

In Baptism we have all become missionariesof good news to others. Our working tools have been and are: prayer, sacraments and the Word of God. That is why October is also a month of the Rosary to unite ourselves with our mother Mary the first missionary in the life of Christ and humanity.

As a missionary each one of us is challenged to encourage and support the missionary activities of the Church. We are invited to listen to the word of God and put it into practice, both young and old. Putting this into practice, we saw our young Christians who are preparing for their First Holy Communion, slated for 25th November, have their missionary trip to Nyumba ya Wazee
in Kasarani. They brought their joy to these old people of God. St. Joseph Deep Sea also had their missionary visit to the Home for the elderly in Kariobangi here in Nairobi, whereas the Justice and Peace Group also visited Deep Sea to be in solidarity with those whose houses were burnt in August losing everything. Also our PMC went to St. Austin with their traditional Missionary Rosary. Some of our faithful also went to Fatima to participate in the closing of the centenary of our Lady of Fatima, whereas others made it to the Subukia Shrine for the National Prayer Day. This is just to name a few activities which have helped us live this Missionary Month to the maximum.

The question which each one of us should ask him/herself is whether his/her life, family, parish is missionary? If yes how? And if no, why not? Am I or are we growing as missionaries? As missionaries we need to ask ourselves: what have I done and what do
I need to do to live my missionary identity better in my family, parish and place of work?

We are missionaries to the activities we perform as a parish or community or as individuals. But still there is room for
improvement. What matters is not the quantity of what we do but the attitude with which we do them. As Blessed Allamano
would put it; it is “doing the good well without blowing the trumpet”.

The important thing is to understand that our missionary activities renew the Church, revitalize our faith and Christian identity and offers new spirit and resolutions. We strengthen and make our faith mature when we share it with others. The month of
November will see us celebrate All Saints Day, All Souls Day. It is the same month we shall celebrate Christ the King this will bring us to the end of Liturgical Year B. During this Solemnity of Christ the King our Children will receive their First Holy Communion. What a joy to our parish and families! What a joy to the Universal Church! We ask you to put them in our prayers as they prepare for this great day in their lives.

We continue to thank and invite each one of us to continue supporting the activities of the Church, morally and materially, so that the work of evangelization may continue to grow. We pray that through the patron saints of the Missions, Saint Francis Xavier
and Saint Thérèse of the Child Jesus, we may become true missionaries Ad Intra and Ad Extra. AMEN

From the Pastoral Team.