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Regular Charity Activities at the Shrine

Consolata Shrine has many charity activities that you can participate in. Our Charities committee is always organising different fundraising activities to help the poor and needy. We need your support in helping these needy members of our community. Below are some regular charity activities at the Parish.

Feel free to contact the parish office if you wish to offer your assistance. You can volunteer your time, some money, non perishable foods, old clothes etc. Any help you can give will be highly appreciated!

Helping the Poor

In our effort to serve the needy in our community, we assist residents of Deep Sea (St. Joseph), Suswa and Maasai slums in Westlands Nairobi. These families need food, shelter, clothing and education.

We have been upgrading their houses from mud huts to iron sheet houses which protect them better in the rainy seasons. We have also built a nursery school for the children of these slums and a Medical clinic where we have one doctor and one nurse taking care of the families.

Every Wednesday at the Shrine, we distribute food items to poor families. We mainly give them flour, cooking oil and other dry goods that parishoners and well wishers donate.

You can assist these families by donating either financially or by donating your services, non-perishable goods, or old clothes. Any assistance you can provide is most welcome!

Visiting the Prisoners

Every Thursday, a priest from the Shrine visits the prisoners of Kamiti prison and says Mass for them. The prisoners are usually in need of items such as toilet paper, toothpaste and soap. If you are able to, you can volunteer your time and accompany the priest on Thursday to Kamiti. You may also donate cash or purchase some of these items and give them at the Parish office for delivery to the prisoners. The prisoners are also in need of our prayers, and we ask you to pray for them.

Helping the Hungry in Famine-stricken Areas

Consolata Shrine has in the past assisted Famine-stricken Areas by sending lorries full of food and clothing to these areas. Last year, we collected and sent a lorry full of food and other items to Marsabit. This year, we collected and sent a lorry full of food and other items to the Diocese of Garrisa where it was received by the Bishop of Garrissa. We thank all those who donated to make this trip a success! May God bless you.

Financial Help

For all the charity activities carried out by Consolata Shrine, an account has been set up that specifically receives financial donations for these reasons.And the donations go directly to helping the needy. If you wish to help financially, you may use this account. The wire details are:

ACCOUNT NO: 016 200 542 862

You may also write a cheque to: CONSOLATA SHRINE DEV. FUND and deliver it to our Parish offices. You may also post it to:
P.O. BOX 14930-00800 Nairobi, KENYA.

Volunteer Services

We welcome volunteer services on fulltime or part time basis in any of the needy areas mentioned above or for other activities at the Shrine, please contact us or send us your details, area of interest and we shall be pleased to make suitable arrangements.

Your help for the poor in any form you give is greatly appreciated. We ask the Lord to bless you and your family for your generosity!