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CWA is a group of women who embrace the Catholic faith and who take and renew their promise to be Women of Prayer like their patron St. Monica, the mother of St. Augustine. The CWA motto is “Strong in Faith.” They fall under the diocesan umbrella body called the National Council of Kenya which is affiliated to the World Council of Catholic Women.

Any woman over 18 years and in sacraments is welcome to join CWA. Currently, there are seventy-five (75) members who have taken their promises before the congregation after a six-month formation period. The purpose of CWA is to help equip the Catholic woman with the knowledge she requires to live a good Christian life and to bring Catholic women together to effectively participate in the general development of their church and community.

The CWA activities include participating in all parish activities as requested by their spiritual director, the parish priest, or his appointee; clean the church every week on Mondays; participate in various committees such as apostolate, charities, liturgy, ministry of the sick and the self-help group. They hold three retreats a year. Their leaders are members of the deanery, the Archdiocese and the National Council Board.

The CWA holds two luncheons or barbecues per year to assist the parish priest in any needy activity and to help them attend retreats, seminars, the National days and visit their sick or needy members of their group. They bring their yearly harvest in October to assist the needy cases in the parish.

Finally, CWA have undertaken an income generating activity of printing items such as ‘khangas’, umbrellas and T-shirts to boost their kitty. The ‘Our Lady Consolata’ khanga is available and anyone can buy or order from the parish office.