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joseph_allamano4Founded in Turin, Italy, on 29th January 1901 by Blessed Joseph Allamano, they take their name after Our Lady Consolata (meaning consoled or consoler), the name under which the Mother of Jesus is venerated in Turin.

In 1902 they came to Kenya and celebrated the first official Mass in Tuthu (now in the diocese of Muranga) on 29th June 1902.

Since then, they have opened missions in Ethiopia (1913), Tanzania (1919), Somalia (1924), Mozambique (1925), Great Britain (1936), Brazil (1937), Portugal (1943), Argentina (1946), USA (1946), Colombia (1947), Canada (1947), South Africa (1948), Spain (1955), Venezuela (1970), Congo DRC (1972), Uganda(1985), Korea (1988), and Ivory Coast (1995), Mongolia (2003), Djibouti (2004).

In the year 2001, there were over 100 Kenyan Consolata Missionaries; most of them serving the Gospel in the countries mentioned above.

The Consolata Missionary sisters were founded on 29th January 1910.

The Vocation Director Contacts
Vocation Director
Consolata Seminary,
P.O. Box 49789, Nairobi.

Vocation Directress,
Consolata Sisters,
P.O. Box 706, Embu.

Vocation Director,
Consolata Missionaries,
P.O. Box 40088,
Nakwa- Kampala,

The Consolata Missionaries publish a monthly magazine in English. To subscribe or get complimentary copies, write to:

The Seed,
P.O. Box 14861-00800, Nairobi. Kenya.
Tel: +254 (0)20 4442011/4442794/ 4445058/4441059/4443538
Email: or

Prayer for the Consolata Missionaries

We praise you, Lord
For the Consolata Missionary Family,
For Blessed Joseph Allamano who founded them,
For our Mother Consolata who nourishes them,
For the Church that they help to build
For men and women whose dignity they promote,
For the poor and meek they console,
For all the good they bring into the world.

Renew the Consolata Missionaries, O Lord,
In the spirit of Blessed Joseph Allamano.
Give us your Holy Spirit that we may grow
In the same missionary generosity.
Increase the number of those called to be missionaries,
Call our sons and daughters to the same
Wonderful mission.
Bless our Church, our families and our friends
Give peace and reconciliation to our country.
Welcome into your Glory all those
Who have gone before us.