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The church is a house of God where Christian communities from all walks of life gather every Sunday and on weekdays to worship their Lord. It is in this context that we express our love for our God and amongst each other during the celebration of the Holy Mass. When Jesus gave us the greatest commandment “LOVE YOUR NEIGHBOUR AS YOURSELF” which translates that apart from sharing the spiritual nourishment.

We should also strive to work together and share together and share the knowledge and experience as one large family of God, with particular attention to the less fortunate members of our society. In keeping with the Constitution of the Parish, the duties of the Socials Committee are as follows:

Parish Social Programme

To organise and encourage parishioners to interact and socialise with one another over a cup of tea once or twice a month on Sunday or special feast days after all the Mases within the Church premises.

Provide catering services or refreshments on various occasions – just to mention a few:

  • For any invited or visiting Bishops and dignitaries, priests, important guests or groups from other parishes.
  • On significant Feast Days of the Parish such as the anniversary of Blessed Allamano, Founder of Consolata Missionaries.
  • Feast of Our Lady Consolata, the patron saint of Consolata Shrine.
  • Welcome and farewell functions for any incoming or outgoing priests and on any other occasion which is at the sole discretion of the Parish Priest.
  • To work in conjunction with other committees as and when the need arises, for example, assisting the youth during Consofeste, Charities, Apostolate and any other committees if approached.

Parish fund raising activities

Organising quarterly cake sales which include cookies, ham rolls, and other saleable confectionaries after every Mass on 1st Sunday of the month. In order to cut down on expenses, generally an appeal is made to the parishioners for donations of most of these items and any other confectionaries of their choice. However, cash pledges are also welcome.

Annual get togethers by way of barbeque luncheons or family days which include entertainment for children, youth and parents irrespective of age. Some ot the activities include bouncing castles, face painting, horse riding, sing song dancing, prize stalls, lucky dips, raffles comprising of wonderful prizes (most of which are donated by well wishers), splendid choice of music and an open cash bar. Participants derive great fun and excitement barbequing their own plate containing a variety of meat and other accompaniments which are prepared in advance. These functions enable the parishioners to socialise, familiarise themselves, create new acquaintances and participate in the fund raising.

The amount realised from the fund raising goes a long way in assisting the underprivileged of our Parish and to support any other project deemed necessary by the Parish Priest. This committee is presently under re-organisation but will soon be fully active.