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Year of the Youth

Dear Parishioners,

May the Consolation of Jesus Christ through the intercession of Our Lady Consolata and Blessed Joseph Allamano be with you and with all your families.

The first month of the year is gone. With all the expectations of a new Year and of schools for those who have children, we get into the normal rhythm of life.

However the Church, our Mother and Teacher, doesn’t let us to get bored.

This coming week we will be starting Lent, a privileged time to thank God for what He did for us and for all! Can you imagine? Jesus, to give his life for us?! And not only that, but let us remember that he also forgave those who were crucifying him! “Forgive them Father, because they don’t know what they are doing!” were the words of Jesus while in agony on the Cross. Sometimes I think that there are people who die for others… though with such great love of Jesus, none! Who without being moved by the Spirit can say what Jesus said?

That is why I think that this time is, first of all, a time to thank God. Secondly, a time to think how we are imitating Christ and his
great love for All people. And finally, a time to reflect how often we also say… “Forgive them because they don’t know what they are

Yes, you will tell me, that he was Jesus. Agreed! But, he has left us His Spirit, and His Body and Blood to live right inside us. Let’s allow Him to work!

While away, and coming back, I wished that Kenya would finally get settled. It seems that not yet. I see people moving around, as if “business continues as usual” as we are used to hear sometimes.

But I hear the uncertainties of some, the confidence of others, the fear of not few. My dear Christians, at the end of the day, that “tomorrow” will not exist without your and my intervention, and of all of us, as human beings. This is a time to think if we are really motivated by the Love of Christ in whatever we do. Or do we listen a bit too much to our own interests, to our pride, to our desire to use God’s gifts for our own benefit or to the benefit of the society.

As we started the Year of the Youth, my congratulations to all the Youth. And as Pope Francis told them, during the World Youth
Day in Brazil: “Make a mess! But a mess that comes from knowing Jesus”.
Young People, come on! Take courage.
And the rest of us, let us open our hearts to listen to them and to let them express what comes from their relationship with Jesus and with the world. At times the youth have other times, and we don’t know how to reach to them; but often, the youth are afraid of what other may say or after being discouraged by a negative criticism, they are quickly tempted to give up.

Young People, keep your friendship with Jesus! Then, revitalize in us the presence of God! And do not be afraid of sharing with others, especially with the needy, the love of Christ in you. You have the energy to do it! As we celebrate the Feast of Blessed Joseph
Allamano, we ask his intercession for all of us. For the families, a reality he always kept at

For the youth, whom he took by hand and helped them to concretize their dream of giving their lives for others in the mission. For our country, which needs that universal love right now and here from each and everyone of us, so not to divide or cancel the
blessings of God for all.

For all the sick, who with a lot of courage, are ready to offer their sacrifice, pain and silence, so to relieve others of their pains and sufferings. For all those who are looking for a job, so not to lose hope and meanwhile, serve in whichever situation they find themselves. For those who suffer out of the current political and socio-economic situation in our Country.

For those who live in countries where there is no peace. For those who suffer because of natural disasters. For all of us, so to have a heart like His, who is able to put the other at the center of one’s life and to take risks to help Jesus to be known, accepted and loved. May Our Lady Consolata and blessed Joseph Allamano, protect and guide us to die to ourselves and to live for others heart.

Fr. Daniel Bertea
Father In-charge