From The Parish Priest

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Do whatever He tells you”

From the desk of the pastoral team……….
Peace to you all dear parishioners!

We have just welcomed the new month of August after seeing off that of June and July. We have all the reasons to thank the almighty God for all the blessings He has endowed to our Shrine Parish. Our Lady
Consolata continues to intercede for us and keeps on telling us: “Do whatever He tells you”.

In these last days we saw the welcoming of the new father in-charge Fr. Jackson Murugara in different groups of the parish making him feel he has come to a family which will journey together with him towards sanctity. What came up was an assurance that a family which prays and works together stays together. This has been witnessed by the way each one of us is committed to make our Shrine a family where one feels accepted, accommodated and loved. May this family spirit continue to be felt among all  parishioners, old and young. In the month of July, we saw our young adults a total of seventy of them receive the sacrament of baptism and a further one hundred and fifteen receive the sacrament of Confirmation which was celebrated by His Eminence John Cardinal Njue.

Our infants were not left behind since we  itnessed fifteen of them being baptized. These events show that our family is a growing family and its future is guaranteed. Each and every day we witness men and women, young and old moving up and down towards the Church, adoration chapel, prayer garden, confessional boxes, meeting places, name them all. All these are meant for spiritual nourishment as well as to see to it that there is a smooth running of parish activities in different commissions and movements. Our Allamano Centre cannot be left behind. Parishioners have owned this mega project which is meant to serve the parish in different capacities. The work is progressing on well thanks for your moral and financial support towards it. We have already witnessed the blessing of the stone by His Lordship Bishop Pante of Maralal diocese which was a joyful moment to see that our work is progressing. It was an opportunity to evaluate and see where we have come from, where we are and where we are going. It became a motivating factor for us that we will reach the end with the grace of God and our unity as a parish. Thanks be to God we can now respire since on Sundays we can use partially the parking lot. It is our prayer that the remaining work

will be accomplished in few months to come. This partial enjoyment of the parking became a motivating factor which inspired us to have two mini-harambees taking place in Deep Sea and at the Shrine. We thank each and every one of you for your generous contributions. May God bless you and your families as well as your work. Other activities organized for the support
of our project includes but not limited to an organized Walk by the Charities committee and the youth, the second mini-harambee

on 19th of this month, Mt Kenya climbing scheduled for 20th-24th August, Dinner courtesy of the Catholic Women Association (CWA) on 31st August and the main harambee on the 23rd September this year. These events though will be straining us a bit; they are also signs of testing our unity thus bringing into action the slogan: “United we stand, divided we fall”. Dear parishioners; God has done and is still doing great things to our parish. May all that we do in our groups; Small Christian Communities help us to strengthen our sense of belonging, that sense of being in a family where we accommodate each other with our talents and weaknesses. May God bless our parish, our families and our places of work.

Pastoral Team.