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Do it among yourselves

Dear brothers and sisters,

May the Consolation of the Risen Lord through the intercession of Our Lady Consolata be with you all!
After our last issue of the Consoling Eye, not so many days have gone by. However… the greatest event has been celebrated: Easter.
Dear parishioners, I am sure that in our lives, things keep moving. Sometimes we move on while making steps ahead; other times…
some steps back help us to grow in humility and in respecting God’s time. The Easter celebrations during the Holy
Week, reminded us of how Jesus took up his cross, unjustly given to Him, but voluntarily accepting it while we human beings could
have reacted very differently. Difficult to understand, but that is how he accepted it so as not to contest those who judged, condemned and executed him but instead to make use of it to save all humanity, including those just listed above, as he said “Forgive them Father because they don’t know what they are doing”.
Easter was and remains the time where our Hope is renewed. The Hope that God knows everything. He knows about the good
and bad that takes place in the world. The intentions of all. The injustices committed to some people, and the suffering that many go through.
Yet we all know that when we fall into the deepest pit, only then, quite often, do we learn how to surrender ourselves to God. And
He raised Jesus from the dead. Human weaknesses, temptations, mistakes, wrongdoing, sicknesses, violence, greed, misappropriations, defamations, injustices…
name it, eventually none of them has the last word! There is always glory and resurrection, a new life, light at the end of the tunnel…
and at the same time, all is used by God for a good purpose. Lessons are learnt, humility to ask for forgiveness, capacity to forgive,
courage to let go…
Easter is the time, to look beyond our lives, and to know that we just have God’s gift in our hands. Easter is the time to focus again on our dignity and on the dignity of others. Easter is the time when with humility, in our consciences we can ask ourselves what am
I doing, how am I living and why I am doing this? It is also a time to confirm our good intentions and actions and to re-direct with the help of God’s grace, especially through the Risen Lord, in the Eucharist and in the other sacraments, and through the gifts of
the Holy Spirit. Let us not allow the Holy Thursday and the gift of the Eucharist and the example of Love by Jesus, to remain a beautiful folk story. Jesus told us: “Do it among yourselves”.

Let us not allow the greatest example of Love of Jesus by taking up his Cross and by dying on it, disappear and kill in us the gifts that we have received of love and forgiveness as we pray: “Forgive us our trespasses as we forgive those who trespass
against us”.

Let us not allow the joy of the Resurrection to be a nice one or few days event. Let us not go back to the routine, but instead, let us purpose of generate with God’s Spirit something new, being engaged in the New Creation that God is bringing. My brethren… this time, less talk and more walk… because Easter is the time to come with a new life within ourselves and to go back to announce to others that Christ is risen. With a serious commitment of respecting all, of fraternally correcting those who may be doing wrong, but above all full of Faith, renewing our Hope and committing ourselves to be instruments of Charity in whatever we do.
And before I finish, let me once more thank you all for your participation towards the Allamano Centre. We really appreciate it. We know that we are still on the move. You can see by yourselves the progress we have made. As we usually tell you, let’s not get
tired of this journey so to see it completed. God bless you!!!!

Have a truly blessed Easter time under the protection of Our Lady Consolata, of Blessed Joseph Allamano and Blessed Sr Irene.

Fr. Daniel Bertea
Father In-charge