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O God of all creation, bless this our Land and Nation!!

May the Peace and Consolation of Christ through the intercession of Our Lady Consolata be with you all!

fr. Daniel BerteaIt is nice to get in touch with you after the Solemnity of Our Lady Consolata. I hope you had a beautiful moment with Our Mother, feeling her warmth and the joy of being cared by her! We turned another page in the year… we are already in the second half of this year of the Lord. This month is not just another month. The minds and hearts of most of our people are concentrated in the forth-coming elections My reminder is on the story of God and His people: a long-term story and commitment to build One Nation. It was with the Israelites in the Old Testament; it was with Jesus and his followers in the New Testament; it is with us today… an extension of the New Testament. One of the reasons we decided to have this Year of the Family at Consolata Shrine was the Elections. Yes, we want to work with that family of mum, dad and children at home; but at the same time, we cannot forget the large family that is our country. A country rich in culture and values, with its more than 40 ethnic groups, can offer a great opportunity of growth when we all become positively aware of one another.

Elections offer us the opportunity to express our voice on whom we want to lead us. As Christians we must fall on our knees and pray before any serious comment about the elections and before casting our votes. We must ask ourselves, what does God want? What can I do so to fulfil God’s will? Are my speech, my actions and my reactions speaking of God’s will, who with patience respect all people? And who will do anything He can to bring blessings upon all? We cannot repeat the story of Cain and Abel, when “Then the LORD said to Cain, ‘Where is Abel‘And he said, ‘I do not know.Am I my brother’s keeper‘He said, ‘What have you done? The voice of your brother’s blood is crying to Me from the ground.…’” (Gen 4:9-10).

Of course we may have our preferences, we are proud of our values and traditions, but let’s not forget that we are one nation, one family. In moments of external threat, we proved to be united. Let us not call upon adversities so to keep us united. We are intelligent enough to choose good in good times too.

Let us not allow ourselves to be used and misused, to be carried away emotionally with any kind of speech and especially hate speech. Let us ask God the grace to discern for whom to vote, who is that person who offers us good leadership, who is that person who isreally God-fearing; who is that person who kneels down to pray not to ask God to do that person’s will, but who is asking God what to do so to realize God’s Will.

Political seats have become highly profitable even from an economic point of view. Many have used this positions really to bring about good to the individuals and the community. Let us look at those examples. Let us remain in peace and make sure that when after the 8th of August is gone, we can continue moving ahead in this beautiful country, looking forward for a better future, because I have also done my part.

This time is also like a wedding, we don’t just prepare for the wedding day, we prepare for the rest of the lives of a couple, for their marriage. So, in the same way, we don’t prepare and think only about the 8th of August, we prepare for the next 5 years of life in Kenya and for all Kenyans, especially those who upto today have had less chances of living a better life. O God of all creation, bless this our Land and Nation!! May God bless all candidates and may they be open to search for His Will! May God bless all of us!

Fr Daniel Bertea,
Father In-charge